Past Life Regression Diagnostic Session


Past life regression helps us to see why we experience the world with the range of feelings we do. Our traumas from past lives often shape our character in this life, giving us a sense of attachment or aversion to certain things.

By diagnosing what events were our primary causation for events in this life, we become able to bring healing to those events. This often brings dramatic changes to our current life circumstances. Many patterns of behaviour are cyclic, connected to the unresolved trauma requesting our conscious attention. Giving it that, the bubble bursts and we become free from the repeating cycles.

My unique system of diagnosis combines elements of Chinese Ba Zi divination with bio-photon light based testing, often with the addition of genogram work. This gives a powerful systemic remedy that is well suited to all sorts of relationship based dilemmas commonly faced from dysfunctional families to troubled intimated relationships, work rivalries and beyond.

A typical session lasts an hour and a half to two hours. It is generally recommended to have had a physical ART examination prior to identify one’s physical toxins as every trauma we hold will cause an equal and equivalent amount of toxins to be stored in our body. The healing that takes places liberates these from storage so being prepared with an appropriate protocol to neutralise the specific issues within one’s body makes for a more elegant healing process.

It should also be stated that a Past Life Regression session is predominantly a diagnostic session. Whilst a deep level of healing often occurs simply from the recognition of past events that have a firm hold on a deep part of our subconscious, actually going in and fixing the issues discovered requires a separate session tailored to what was unearthed. For example, it’s very common for curses to travel from a past life to this one. This may easily result in feelings of unworthiness or unlovability, despite the fact that it’s hard to trace those feelings to any specific cause in this lifetime. Once we have diagnosed what form the past life trauma is in, for example a curse placed upon one because of a strong disagreement with someone who then issued the curse, then we can arrange a session to nullify that. In the case of this example, both the curse and the negative feelings between your former self and the one who created the curse should be transmuted into the emptiness. Yet without doing the diagnosis first, we couldn’t provide a cure.