Initial Autonomic Response Testing Session

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Autonomic Response Testing or ART is a technique originating from the work of Dr Dietrich Klinghardt. Using a number of scientific breakthroughs, it allows the body of a patient to be examined by means of their biophoton light emissions. Using the Direct Resonance phenomenon first discovered by the Manhattan Project and later documented in the scientific literature by Dr Yoshiaki Omura, patients can be reliably diagnosed for a wide range of issues such as many of the prevalent toxins of the modern age of pollution. Appropriate remedies can then be provided and tested for individual bio-compatibility.

In essence, ART allows us to elegantly diagnose and remove blocks to physical and neurological wellbeing. Lab scans can be carried out to verify test results by some of the world’s most credible medical labs. However ART typically gets 95%+ accuracy in it’s findings and on certain things excels lab testing. This means that most customers can afford to buy the appropriate herbs or supplements that would mitigate their issues and try it for a month or two, experiencing the results directly, whilst still being cheaper than lab exams.

Within my practice, I do begin the majority of my clients with a physical ART examination. Typically speaking, every time we have an unresolved trauma, the brain avoids having to think about it on a daily basis by forcing it out into our subconscious mind – our body.

Grief for example will be channeled into the lung meridian. Anger stores in the liver. Resentment in the gallbladder and so on.

These organs then lose some of their daily capacity to detoxify and start to accumulate toxins. Left untreated these places where toxemia has compartmentalized would become the areas prone to infections.

By identifying what toxins are stored where, I would design a customised and bio-compatible support protocol for you. This would enable us to liberate the toxins out of storage safely and clear up any infections that had become present amongst them whilst minimising unpleasant symptoms of detoxification as this happens. This sets the stage for us to be able to treat your unresolved traumas, whether they were of emotional or psychological distress in this life, or they are unresolved spiritual trauma from ancestral issues or past lives.

The initial ART session is typically longer than follow ups as an initial consultation is conducted. There’s also more explanation typically on the first go than subsequent visits so allow 90 minutes to two hours depending upon the complexity of your history.