My Process

In perfect enlightenment we are in complete oneness. Yet in normal existence, we are in duality. The physical world and the spiritual world are mirrors of one another; the yin and yang of our dual existence.

  • From the light that creates everything comes forth the spirit of life.
  • The spiritual realm creates our mindstream.
  • Our thoughts create feelings within us, often at a subconscious level without us even being consciously aware of the thoughts we must be thinking on order to be in that rage, anxiety or depression.
  • The feelings we have are a type of energy which compels us to act (or it’s inverse – do nothing and be passive).
  • By this action or inaction, our physical reality is created our fate unfolds.

Many people fail to experience their true potential in life because in their spiritual dimension the dark clouds of karma hang over them. This can be unrest in their ancestral field, non-virtuous karma from past lives, curses or energetic conflicts within time and space.

By diagnosing these and finding an equal counter measure that would resolve the spiritual interference, the individual’s mindstream becomes purified. Their disturbing emotions resolve and their body finds greater capacity to heal itself and create a life worth leading. Human interactions become more amicable and friendly and one breaks free of negative patterns of behaviour.

What Would A Session Look Like?

In a session, you come forwards with whatever problem it is you’re facing in life. Maybe your relationships aren’t that good right now. Perhaps your family is dysfunctional despite there being many good people in there underneath the drama. It could be that your frequently get disturbing emotions like anger, anxiety, depression or brain fog and can’t shake them.

Whatever the issue, we’ll find the original cause and all the factors that are feeding into it to create your current experience of life. This is my own unique Karma Diagnosis technique, which combines elements of the psychic divine eye, Divine Light Testing and the Taoist Life Analysis Arts (Ba Zi Four Pillars of Destiny), Form Analysis Arts (Mian Ziang, Feng Shui) and Divination Arts (Qi Men Dun Jia).

Once a karma is unsurfaced, we’ll diagnose what an appropriate equal counter-measure would be.

Here are a few examples from recent work with clients:

  • A client found that ever since she had moved to a new house, her finances tumbled and her career became challenged. At a previous house, she had experienced something similar and a Feng Shui consultant had done a ritual for an old tree on the land which had resolved it. We discovered that in a past life, she had been a lumberjack and one of the major trees at her new home had a connection to her in that life. Naturally this tree spirit was hostile and was giving off a subtle energy that was blocking her progress. The other trees of the neighbourhood naturally took it’s side too. By conducting a ritual to calm the tree spirit, instigating a policy of feeding it on every new and full moon we calmed down the troubled tree and her life became easier. We then also diagnosed that it would take the planting of 850 new trees to create a remedy for having chopped many trees in her past life, thereby resolving this karma fully.
  • A young lady complained of a difficult love life with her partner frequently displaying bouts of oppositional behaviour and withdrawn/uncommunicative phases. They argued often but neither wanted to leave, nor were they happy within the relationship. We found that in a past life the couple had gone to another country together as soldiers. Their strong bond had brought them together in this life with the want to face life’s challenges together, however the spirits of those whom they had faced in battle in that past life had become connected to the pair. They would whisper things into the ears of the couple and cause them to burst into rage or sink into depression; to them the words appeared like a normal part of their mindstream and each felt that they were quite justified flying off the handle even though this was ruining their life together and would never get them to the life they want to live together. As the woman was Hindu by upbringing, we diagnosed the exact number of mantra recitations needed to repay the karma to the angry spirits using the mantra of Sri Ganesha, “Om gan ganapataye namaha“. As she chanted these and dedicated merits to repaying the spirits, they calmed down and soon the relationship became healthy, loving and affirming for both.
  • A bright young engineer found that he always seemed to be getting the blame at work and socially, despite being one of the hardest and most conscientious workers. He had always felt himself to be searching for something although he couldn’t ever quite put his finger on just what it was he needed to find. Using my technique, I was able to find that he was a twin in-utero only his brother had miscarried after 12 weeks. This created a deep searching within him for a part of him knew something was missing but the normal eye couldn’t see what. The spirit of his brother had remained with him, and, as brothers are prone to be when unheard, had given rise to his self berating mindstream out of frustration. I helped this man release the stuck emotions from the trauma of his brother passing and taught him how to connect to this spirit. Now he and his vanishing twin are on good terms in daily communication and he has a brother looking out for him who can see the things he can’t see – his work is going from strength to strength!

My unique process allows me to skillfully enlighten participants as to their hidden spiritual blocks and to find means of resolving them within your own spiritual framework, most commonly by using prayer, mantra, service or mindfulness. Through this, the participant becomes able to unlock their own spiritual potential, opening the doorway for radical healing of themselves, their families and connected parties.

How Do I Find Cures?

Within the context of this and past lives, I’ve had deep interactions with many faiths and mystical traditions from around the world. My principle areas of knowledge cover:

  • Buddhism
  • Taoism
  • Hinduism
  • Peruvian Shamanism
  • Christianity
  • North American Indian Shamanism
  • Sikhism
  • Nordic Paganism

Although my practice in this life of Buddhism has allowed me to see the past lives in which I practiced these other systems, I don’t profess to be a master of all. Rather I’ll invite you to bring to each session what you know. We’ll compare that and other options to find a suitable remedy for every issue arising.

To make this crystal clear, I’m not looking to become a Guru or have followers. Rather I’m looking to accelerate your progress along your path to your truth, whatever faith or system you belong to. 

If you belong to a faith other than those which I have experience with, or you have none, don’t let it stop you! Where you have a faith or tradition you work with, I can use that. If you have none, I simply use principles that universally apply to all faiths and traditions but without any religious slant; this is similar to Humanism. One doesn’t need to believe in God, Buddha or anyone else to be a good person and lead a virtuous life. By performing acts of kindness towards others, one can still resolve one’s spiritual issues. Religion is simply a system of techniques to open people up to being more loving and connected to the light that creates life. But the truth is beyond all words. Ultimately, to reach our fullest awakening, we all will need to go beyond being Buddhist, Hindu, Christian or Muslim. At that point, we are just simply good people living a pure life of love. Some people are of such a character and mindset that they can cut out all the religious or spiritual systems and just go straight to being the love. So don’t worry if you’re of an undefined spiritual outlook – you’re welcome here. All you need is a big heart and a wish to make a happier world for the highest good of all and the same system will work just as well for you.