In perfect enlightenment we are in complete oneness. Yet in normal existence, we are in duality. The physical world and the spiritual world are mirrors of one another; the yin and yang of our dual existence.

  • From the light that creates everything comes forth the spirit of life.
  • The spiritual realm creates our mindstream.
  • Our thoughts create feelings within us, often at a subconscious level without us even being consciously aware of the thoughts we must be thinking on order to be in that rage, anxiety or depression.
  • The feelings we have are a type of energy which compels us to act (or it’s inverse – do nothing and be passive).
  • By this action or inaction, our physical reality is created our fate unfolds.

Many people fail to experience their true potential in life because in their spiritual dimension the dark clouds of karma hang over them. This can be unrest in their ancestral field, non-virtuous karma from past lives, curses or energetic conflicts within time and space.

By diagnosing these and finding an equal counter measure that would resolve the spiritual interference, the individual’s mindstream becomes purified. Their disturbing emotions resolve and their body finds greater capacity to heal itself and create a life worth leading. Human interactions become more amicable and friendly and one breaks free of negative patterns of behaviour.

Charlotte’s unique process allows her skillfully enlighten participants as to their hidden spiritual blocks and to find means of resolving them within their own spiritual framework, most commonly by using prayer, mantra, service or mindfulness. Through this, the participant becomes able to unlock their own spiritual potential, opening the doorway for radical healing of themselves, their families and connected parties.