Charlotte has dedicated her life to helping others get on track, whether they’re suffering from a physical blockage, an emotional burden, a psychological trauma or a spiritual crisis. She works carefully and gently with your own innate wisdom that’s resident in your heart and soul and in the DNA in every cell of your being. Using a blend of diagnostic and energetic methods, she’s able to reveal insights that can radically and profoundly change the course of your journey with your issues, decreasing the amount of unnecessary suffering you have to endure and setting you up to enjoy a life enriched with greater meaning and purpose after resolution.

Charlotte’s guiding principles lie in her Buddhist training, having taken formal initiation into Vajrayana Buddhism at age 20 following an urge to do so from her youngest years. Buddha taught that all issues, at their root, have a spiritual aspect, or karma. This flows into our mindstream creating thoughts. Those thoughts, if we hang on to them, give rise to feelings. If we hold a feeling for long enough, it creates a physical issue in the body. A skilled healer can find the causes at each of the levels of being within a person, and by doing so, can advise on what types of action would be an appropriate remedy.

The fact that humans are multi-dimensional, with more to them than just their physical aspect, wasn’t lost on our ancestors. They readily understood that everyday, when we dream or imagine things, this inner world is connected to our spirit or soul and modern scientific consciousness studies are now starting to catch up with what was known for thousands of years.

The Yoga Sutras of Patenjali, a famous text by a great yogi, first described the different bodies or layers of existence that humans exist in and this was the inspiration for the brilliant Dr Dietrich Klinghardt’s 5 Levels of Healing framework.

This actually the lowest of the levels and most apparent to all of us as it’s the main model used in the current consensus reality of medicine. Working on this level, we can use changes to our environment, diet or lifestyle to create changes within our physical wellbeing.

It should be noted that this isn’t diagnosing or treating medical problems. Rather we are looking for things that are creating imbalances and blockages in the body’s normal self regulation. Once these root causes of this are released, the body’s innate healing ability kicks in. This frequently has a positive effect upon medical conditions but should never be mistaken for medicine or medical advise. 

Medicine rarely acknowledges the emotional aspect of our being and yet everyone knows that too much stress alone can cause sickness!

In our system, we recognise and treat emotions as a vital part of healing any challenge or blockage in the physical or other levels of being. A broken heart, feelings of anger, shame, guilt, isolation, anxiety and many others can create a profound effect upon our body’s ability to heal. 

A good example are stiff shoulders. If the problem was purely physical, magnesium oil or epsom salt baths would quickly resolve it. Yet if the stiffness was caused by a feeling of guilt that the person was holding in their shoulders, magnesium would only ever bring temporary relief and never resolution. By releasing the stuck emotions without the need for prolonged talking about the traumas that caused them, we quickly find the shoulders relax on their own and the need for supplements is eliminated. 

Thoughts are another neglected aspect of our being under the current medical model. We all know it’s possible to keep thinking about something to the point that not only are we filled with disturbing emotions like worry about it, but that it also starts to create physical symptoms like increased pulse rate, adrenaline and cortisol surges, sweaty palms and agitation.

The mind must be supportive of health if one is to overcome blockages for if we consciously reject treatment, even the best medicine can never work.

In our system, we treat the mind with respect and importance as a vital aspect of every journey towards healing and release.

The study of biophoton physics has given modern day validation to the ancient yogic practices that work on the body’s subtle light emissions. This is the dimension of the ancestral field as well as transpersonal (or past life karmic) blockages and some of the higher level influences of both time and space.

Influences from this level can affect our DNA expression as well as our thoughts and feelings in ways that are resistant to treatment by common conventional means. In Science, this level is referred to as the epigenetic factors of DNA expression.

In our system, we fully recognise that people are made from their ancestor’s DNA. We also see Stanislav’s Grof’s evolution of Jungian psychotherapy to include perinatal, prenatal and transpersonal aspects of consciousness that were well documented within the Eastern wisdom traditions and shamanic practices from around the world. This allows us a far greater range of issues to be dealt with satisfactorily.

Since this level is beyond the level of the mind – that was the 3rd level – it is largely beyond language. This has the paradoxical effect of meaning that healing experiences on this level can be profound but cannot be intellectually rationalised or spoken of; indeed to try do so often diminishes the effect. At the same time, one can readily sense from deep within one’s spirit that something has shifted and changed and this typically creates lasting changes in the mental, emotional and physical body that phase in through the next nine months or so.

Our highest aspect is that which interfaces directly with our karma and the divine. At this level, it is not within our remit to provide therapy, although we can certainly open your minds to a wide range of practices that one can use to explore one’s relationship with God, the creator, Mother Nature or however one envisages the highest.

The reason for this is simple; it’s not our place to tell God what she can or cannot do with you! If one is clean from issues on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th levels, then we can say it is God’s will that we go through certain experiences and if that is the case, we need to be consciously aware that this is very much happening for a reason.

Our goal is to work on the other four levels to clear away all your blockages such that you are placed in the greatest possible chances of having a satori or vipassanna moment – the lightbulb a-ha moment where you awaken truly to who you are, why you are here and what you are needed to do with this precious life you have.

We do this regardless of the spiritual path you are on. Whatever Guru, religion, spiritual outlook or belief system you follow, we’ll aim to reinforce and accelerate your progress to awakening with them.