Most people experience life as an ongoing series of sufferings. You’re born, you grow old, you get sick, you die. Any time you find any happiness, it only lasts so long before being taken away by one thing or another. Were we really made just to be continuously punished like this or are we simply missing something? Could it be that the ultimate truth of life is lasting happiness and that we all have our own relative truth, our own journey to the ultimate, through which we can come to live this truth for ourselves?

My name is Charlotte Frejya (said like free-ya).

I’m not here to tell you who or what is God or how the Universe is created.

I’m not here to advocate one path over another.

I’m not looking for followers or to start my own school.

I’m here to help you on whatever path is yours to reaching your truth.

With your own Guru, faith or outlook (or none, by just using your own humanity and intuition if you don’t identify with any formal religion or spiritual tradition), I can help you open deeply to spiritual life. You have your own truth and your path to truth is your own unique journey.

I am nothing more than the Change Agent who takes you from stuck, full of problems and unable to see what you need to do, to a fully fledged spiritual practitioner experiencing the unshakable happiness that comes from living deeply in alignment with truth. This is the most rewarding journey anyone can make for it is the journey that resolves all our unhappiness in a lasting way. Once we uncover the truth of our life, all our problems become a means for us to get ever happier!

As long as you believe that there is something more to life than simply the material, physical reality, you have all you need. If you are full of problems, experience disturbing emotions on a regular basis, have strained relationships with your partner, family or work colleagues, suffer brain fog, insomnia or are just plain stuck in a rut, then you have all the pieces of the puzzle! Let me give you hand finding the first few pieces that fit together and soon you’ll see the bigger picture and be able to complete it on your own.

I can’t promise that it’s always easy or sugar coated but everyone who walks this path swears that few things have enriched their life to the same degree. The most common comment I get from my clients is “If only I knew about this sooner!

Hello and welcome. I hope you’ll have the courage to open your heart to me.